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Athough August Strindberg's international reputation rests mainly on his dramatic works, his literary production includes almost every genre. During his career of more than 40 years he wrote some 60 plays, as well as novels, short stories, essays, verse, historical works, cultural studies, and science.
It was with his naturalistic plays of the 1880s that Strindberg achieved international distinction. Today is Miss Julie perhaps the most frequently performed play in the world.
As a novelist, Strindberg introduced a modern prose style and is considered one of the great renewers of the Swedish language. The novel Red Room from 1879, the work with which he made his breakthrough, is regarded as Sweden´s first truly modern novel. Despite his European exils and his international career Strindberg ranks with the most significant depicters of Stockholm and its archipelago.
Strindberg was not only a man of words. His boldly expressive paintings are often shown at internatonal exhibitions along with his experimental photographs.