When Strindberg moved into the Blue Tower in 1908, he had no room for his large library. Rather than disposing of it, he left his books in the possession of a pawnbroker. In 1909 Strindberg rented this studio apartment, which he furnished , as he had furnished his apartment, in the style of high art noveau. The following year he redeemed his library from the pawnbroker and moved it to this room.

Strindberg arranged the room as an additional study. He also placed a bust of himself made by Carl Eldh here as well as some laurel wreaths. Strindberg was among other things interested in astronomy. Together with his friend the professor in physics Vilhelm Carlheim-Gyllenskiöld, who also registered the whole library, he used to study the stars in his telescope.

Strindberg´s library is primarily a research library, containing some 3 000 books about a.o. history, language, astronomy and chemistry and other sciences but also main works by a.o. Shakespeare, Goethe, Swedenborg and Balzac.