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Our collections and archives


Our collections include objects that have a direct connection to Strindberg and his family, as well as how the image of Strindberg is produced and reproduced through different manifestations.
The collections are divided into seven categories: cultural history, art, theatre, photoraphs, press clippings, library, audio-visual media.


Our photo archives consists of approximately 2500 photographs. About half of these are theatrical photographs from Strindberg productions from around the world. Unique is the museum's collection of photographs from the Intimate Theatre, the theatre which Strindberg led in the years 1907-1910.
There is also a large amount of photographic portraits of Strindberg and his family, as well as photographs of places associated with Strindberg.

Here are some examples of objects from the museum collections.

From the collections

Helmet that belonged to Djurgården goalie Andreas Hadelöv


 Eastman Kodak camera that belonged to August Strindberg

 Félix Valloton, programme sheet to  The Father in Paris 1894

from the photo archive

August Strindberg self portrait 1886

August Strindberg, self portrait, Gersau 1886